Barry Spanier is a Full Scale Model Experimentalist/Sailmaker/(Sailing Speed Specialist) and has forty years experience in sailmaking,
having built hundreds of full scale proofs of theoretical concepts, and has used day-to-day, one-on-one testing regimes to bring concepts to reality.

Barry is a consultant to Cislunar Aerospace, Inc., a company involved in developing full scale methodology for doing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
on 3D grids generated from multiple photographs taken from several angles at the same moment.

Barry has a passion for writing, which extends to screenplays, short stories, and poems. While sailing the South Pacific, he chronicled his adventures
with letters to his mother, Cornelia Spanier.  Fortunately, she kept all of his letters and drawings, which she gave him, providing the basis for The Bare Chronicles.

Barry will captivate you, challenge you, make you laugh and leave you wondering even more.... just who is Barry Spanier
 Thirty-six years from opening MauiSails in December 1978, Barry has come full circle, back to his love of yachting, sail design and hanging out in a sail loft.  West Maui Sails & Canvas was born. The parents, Jim and Randy Coon of Trilogy Excursions, knew just who to go to open up Maui’s only full service, ground floor sail loft - Barry Spanier. Check it out!

West Maui Sails & Canvas is equipped with four commercial sewing machines.   Two of the machines (Adler 98 and Bernina 217) are available for light duty sail repairs (including windsurf sails) and canvas work, but the ‘queen of the fleet’ is their new custom CORDES Rotary-combo Mini-Maxi long-arm/high-arm ZZ machine from Australia.  This machine is built for sailmakers and offers tremendous advantages over existing machines commonly used here in the islands.  With their CORDES machine they can handle the heaviest conditions from Maxi sails right down to medium weight cruising sails.
Life is good.  Work is 10 minutes from SV Cornelia and he loves what he does.
Commercial Sail Associates
"There is every reason to consider sail power as a meaningful way we could demonstrate to the world our total commitment to reducing carbon output, restoring American shipbuilding, utilizing our superior sailing technology, and putting a large number of souls back to work again."  Barry Spanier.  If you would like to be a part of this, go to